5 Comparing with the contact-type IC card, the non-contact IC card has the following advantage:
5.1 Dependability is high
With read writing device there is no machinery to keep in touch contact-type IC card non.Have avoided various kinds of troubles that are produced because of contacting and studying in writing. For example: Because rude to insert the card, does not nip the other thing to insert in , the dust or the greasy dirt cause and contact the bad trouble that causes.In addition, the non-contact IC card surface has not uncovered the chip.Needn't be afraid the chip comes off.The static is punctured , crooked question of damaging etc. Since benefit cards to print , improve the use dependability of the card.
5.2 Easy to operate
Because does not contact the communication.Reading the writing device can operate the card within the range of 10CM.So needn't insert and set aside the card , help users use very much.There is no directionality when being used in the non- contact-type card.The card can skim over and read the writing device surface in the wanton direction , can already finish operating. This has improved the speed used each time greatly.
5.3 Defend the conflict
Defend the conflict mechanism fast in the non- contact-type card.Can prevent interfering the data between cards.So read person who write can deal with many pieces of contact-type IC card non- " at the same time ".Improve the running side by side used, improve the speed of system work virtually.
5.4 Can be suitable for many kinds of application
The sequence number of the non- contact-type card is only.Before the products are dispatched from the factory already this sequence number solidification manufacturer. Can't alter again.The non- contact-type card is with adopting the two-way mechanism of proving while reading the writing devices.Legitimacy of the IC card that namely read the writing device to prove.At the same time the IC card proves that the legitimacy of the writing device is studied in too.Non- contact-type to block before not dealing with wanting and reading writing device not to carry on the mutual authentication three times.And all data are encrypted in the course of communication.In addition card all sector have own operation password and visit terms.The memory structure characteristic of the contact-type card makes its one calorie multi-purpose.Can apply to different systems , users can establish different passwords and visit condition according to different application.
5.5 It is of good performance to encrypted

6 What is main standard of IC card

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