1 What is IC card?
IC means Integrated Circuit,IC card also called smart card,intelligent card,microcircuit card or microchip card.It is composed of card body and chip with antenna.

2 Where IC card used?
IC card are used in Bank,Transportation,Telecom,Social Security,secure access and many other public utilities.

3 How to devide IC card?
1) IC card devided by chips
Memory card Security Card and CPU card(normal card or Java card),details:
Memory card:only EEPROM, with non-programmable logic
Security card:EEPROM + logistic security circuit
CPU card:ROM + RAM + EEPROM + micro processor + COS (Chip operating system)
Java card: CPU card base on Java language.
Because there are many chips producer and the standard still not united,it gives puzzle to the application developer of IC card.Java card and language resolve this matter.
2) IC card devided by the reading and writing mode:
Contact card and non-contact IC card, combined-type IC card of dual purpose.details
Contact card: the card get energy from reader and exchange data with reader/writer by the point (can see) outside the card
Non-contact IC card: contactless card, radio frequency card,RF card,the card get energy and exchange data with reader/writer by radio frequecy
Combined-type IC card of dual purpose: one card using both contact and non-contact technology

4 Nature of information secutiy compared of some cards:
Barcode card<magnetic strip card<contact memory card<security card<cpu card compare details of card


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